Download Beta Update of Parallels Desktop for Mac

久々にParallels Desktop for Macのアップデート、

# USB improvements – easily use multi interfaced and isochronous USB devices (including Windows Mobile 2005 and webcams).
# Mac OS X performance improvements – optimize Mac OS X or guest OS performance by switching off the Mac cache function.
# Graphic performance improvements – enjoy faster, smoother video playback.
# Keyboard support improvements – use all of the keys on your Mac keyboard, such as the eject CD button, right-left and Shift/Ctrl/Alt (option)/Windows keys, in any virtual machine.
# Unicode path support improvements – name files and paths in national languages.
# Shared folders performance improvements – open folders and files faster, and transfer data across OSes smoother.
# Other fixes and improvements

さらにこれからの機能追加として3D Graphicsもあるらしい。

そんでもって、逆にVirtual PC for Macは開発中止ということになったので、
Macの仮想化ソフトウェアの今後はParallels vs VMware という図式に。